Empowering Children to Learn and Grow and Have Fun Doing It

For Parents

Baby’s Brain Builder

A six-session workshop series for parents of children 6 to 24 months. While the children play with common, everyday household materials, grown-ups learn about how playing builds the brain.

Session topics:
• Relationship
• Sensory Integration
• Gross Motor
• Cognitive
• Language & Literacy
• Socializing with Others

Dads Play Best

Dads Play Best is one of our newest workshop series. Its three components include:

Hop on Pop: A workshop about the importance of dads playing with children. It helps the children to develop physical literacy skills. 

Dad Builds: This critical thinking skills development workshop discusses the materials and methods dads can use to help kids develop problem-solving skills. 

Rough and Ready: This workshop demonstrates roughhousing play that dads can do with their children. This type of play helps children to develop their ethical and social emotional system.

For Professional Development

Training Workshops

We offer a variety of training workshops for individuals responsible for the care and education of children.

Childcare Professionals

We offer a variety of Maryland state approved, core-of-knowledge training workshops. Workshops range from 2 to 6 hours and meet the professional development requirements needed for licensing and credentialing.


We also provide hands-on mentoring and education for parents and other adults who are responsible for the children in their care.


We provide various services for organizations that are seeking educational development for employees, clients, and individuals who benefit from their services.

Check out all of our training workshops here! Click the “Read More” link for more information on each workshop

Playing: The Brain Builder

COK: 3 hours of Child Development and 3 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

During play children are actively building both the structure and connectivity of their neural systems. The very foundations for logic concepts used to learn language, literacy, math and science skills are intertwined with this simple activity. Without play, we could never become thinking, reasoning adults.

Perpetuating Pure Play!

COK: 3 hours of Child Development

Training Description:

The evidence of children’s predictable play behaviors is all around us. Learn to look at children’s play with an eye for its characteristics; see each of the four phases of childhood play behavior and what developmentally advantageous play looks like.

Playing For Learning

COK: 1.5 hours of Professionalism and 1.5 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

Effective play does not just happen! The play space must be thoughtfully prepared with each specific child in mind. Each child is unique and so is his play progression. These skills will help to attract children to productive play.

Thinking Outside The Blocks (Taking Learning Outside)

COK: 3 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

Children love to build because building is learning. Participants will learn how to select common and inexpensive materials and then place these things in the play environment to keep children building their intellectual ladder of success.

Splashing Into Learning (Taking Learning Outside)

COK: 3 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

Children love to splash and make a mess with water. Learn how water can become your favorite learning tool and not just a mess!

Tools For Tantrums (Positive Child Guidance)

COK: 6 hours of Child Development

Training Description:

Children’s control of their behavior is often conditional and what happened last night, this morning or two seconds ago affects their choices. As we work with children to inspire self-control there are techniques and skills we can use along the way to help guide them. These are easily mastered practices you can implement the very next day after the workshop in your own center. This session covers the behavior of children from babies through school-age.

The Storytelling Toolbox

COK: 3 hours of Professionalism

Training Description:

Storytelling can be the best way to give children new information, introduce concepts and show how story characters face problems and resolve them. Learn how to get ready for a story with “a story frame of mind”.

Note: Before the story begins, hold their attention throughout the story and reinforce the storyteller’s purpose by using various ways to retell stories with children.

Playing It Safe

COK: 1.5 hours of Professionalism and 1.5 hours of Safety

Training Description:

For children to be safe outdoors, playground safety must be given routine attention before children arrive on the playground! Explore the topics that assure a safe playground and begin the creation of a playground supervision plan.

Playing – The Literacy Link

COK: 3 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

Like links in a chain, during play children actively connect language to the concepts they are beginning to understand. Coupling language and play, we can empower children to reach the next link of literacy skill!

Playing – The Math Path

COK: 3 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

Ordering, classifying, labeling, oh my! Really! Like the yellow brick road lead to Oz, play will lead children to a solid foundation of math concepts.

Playing – The Science Shortcut

COK: 3 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

An explosion of scientific learning happens when pure play is achieved. We can provide children the catalyst to thrust them into each new discovery of how the world works.

Preparing For Park Perfection

COK: 3 hours of Curriculum

Training Description:

Picture the perfect day, a park outing with children, a cheap learning adventure right in their own community. This is the child’s opportunity to explore their budding social skills, experience the diversity of society and practice the interpersonal benefits of collaboration. In this workshop we will look at safety do’s and simplify the task of planning a day of play at the park because perfection can be a just few simple steps away.




Play Kits

“Play is the only way the highest intelligence of humankind can unfold.”

– Joseph Chilton Pearce

Author of influential books on human and child development