The Perfect Ways to Play for Every Occasion

We believe in the power of play. Through our many styles of events — public or private, in-person or virtual — we ignite the passion for play and unlock its many benefits. No matter the event, Pure Play Every Day is dedicated to creating fun, engaging, and meaningful experiences that remind people of the importance and value of play in their lives.

In-House Field Trips

For Kids, Private, In-Person

In-house field trips can be scheduled for child care centers, elementary schools, parks, playgrounds and more. You provide the open space and we will fill it with play! We bring the loose parts to you! We can set up spaces for everything from small groups to large groups for a period of 2 to 6 hours.

The PPED team will set up the materials, facilitate the play AND clean up the mess afterward. You’ll make many happy memories, and you’ll leave with tons of ideas to use again and again!

Play at the Market

For Kids, For Adults, Private, In-Person

From spring through fall, we coordinate with local farmers markets — such as the La Plata Farmers Market — to arrange on-site play activities during their market events. Farmers markets are a wonderful place that attract local families, so they create opportunities for parents and children to enjoy the benefits of pure play together.

Nature Play Space

For Kids, For Adults, Private, In-Person

The Nature Play Space unites the power of nature and play to encourage families to make
outdoor play a part of their daily lives. Many families who experienced this unique educational feature have been amazed and inspired. Nature Play Space is constructed with bales of straw and filled with a wide variety of loose parts play materials.

Pathways to Play

For Kids, For Adults, Private, In-Person

The Pathways to Play program encourages everyone to add playful activities to their walking or exercise routines. We partner with youth mentoring organizations as the volunteer workforce to chalk or spray paint shapes along park paths. This encourages active play along the paths.

Children and adults alike enjoy hopping, twirling, balancing and more as they explore the Pathways to Play. The design increases enjoyment and the likelihood of recurrence for the citizen to return to the path for their walking/exercise.

Dine and Play

For Kids, Public, In-Person

We partner with organizations like Our Place Waldorf that are focused on feeding the hungry in our communities. We bring materials and activities on site, and we host play events during mealtime. Combined with the nourishment of a warm meal, these play activities create feelings of fun, comfort and security.

Shelter In Play

For Kids, Private, In-Person

Even those living in the most challenging circumstances can benefit from the joy and freedom that comes with play. That could mean those living in homeless shelters or those who are in shelters created to house victims of domestic abuse. We come to those shelters with activities designed to ignite pure play and create a welcoming break from the daily stresses of life.

Addiction Recovery

For Adults, Private, In-Person, Virtual

Learning the benefits of daily play can be a vital tool in helping adults overcome addiction. We help introduce these skills by showing participants traditional games and unique games, using non-traditional materials. The games are both competitive and collaborative.

The goal is teaching attendees that that they can give themselves permission to play. As a result, they’ll learn problem-solving skills, conflict resolution strategies and skills to help them shape their attitude to fit the positive goals they’ve set for themselves.

Adults with Disabilities

For Adults, Private, In-Person, Virtual

We partner with agencies such as Southern Maryland Community Resources and the ARC of Southern Maryland to bring the benefits of pure play to adults with disabilities throughout the region. We can host in-person or virtual events that provide the materials and the environment to encourage creativity and exploration. 



Play Kits


“Play is the only way to learn.”

— George Bernard Shaw