Tools For Tantrums (Positive Child Guidance)

COK: 6 hours of Child Development

Training Description:

Children’s control of their behavior is often conditional and what happened last night, this morning or two seconds ago affects their choices. As we work with children to inspire self-control there are techniques and skills we can use along the way to help guide them. These are easily mastered practices you can implement the very next day after the workshop in your own center. This session covers the behavior of children from babies through school-age.



During this workshop participants will:

  1. Learn to establish and maintain a positive atmosphere with a group of children.
  2. Identify the play behaviors connected with behavior techniques to use with children.
  3. Practice techniques which help children manage their behavior and discuss ways to pass this information on to parents.
  4. Understand that child’s self-directed play is the best place for him to gain self-control.

The material from this workshop can be portioned into developmental segments;

  1. Babies and Toddlers(Alpha): COK – 3 hours of Child Development
  2. Preschoolers(Beta): COK – 3 hours of Child Development
  3. School-Age(Gamma): COK – 3 hours of Child Development
  4. Care-giver coaching is also available with 2 additional clock hours

Some of these workshops may be available in shorter formats.