Play Kits

Helping Facilitate Pure Play Wherever You Are

The idea for Pure Play Every Day’s Play Kids originated during the height of the pandemic, when social distancing was the norm and kids had minimal opportunities to get out of the house and play in groups. So we created kits filled with collections of items handpicked to spur creativity and imagination under any circumstance. We’re back to gathering now, but we’re still creating Play Kits for sponsoring agencies to give away. We’ve also expanded the opportunity to include child care centers and other organizations interested in encouraging free play.

What’s In a Play Kit?

Each kit includes a combination of recycled and new materials along with a unique set of inspiration cards. The inspiration cards depict the materials in the kits being used for play. By utilizing readily available recycled and repurposed materials and the inspiration cards, each kit becomes a launching platform from which new play possibilities can emerge.

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Play Kit

Sponsor a Play Kit

Did you know you can sponsor play kits? Your sponsorship gives children opportunity to enjoy
the benefits of pure play at home, on-the-go, or attend a virtual play event. Reach out today to
coordinate your sponsorship.

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