Play for Adults

Helping Grown-Ups Enjoy the Everyday Benefits of Creative Play

Why Play Matters For Adults

OK, so you’re not a kid anymore. You’re grown up. You’ve got a job and real responsibilties,
maybe a family and mortgage.

Does that mean you should leave childish things — like play — behind?

Quite the opposite, actually. Adults should play EVERY DAY!

  • It promotes creativity and problem-solving.
  • It reduces stress.
  • It improves your physical and cognitive function.
  • It fosters strong and healthy relationships.

But we get it. Play, for an adult, seems … harder.

That’s why Pure Play Every Day is ready to work with individuals, teams, businesses and other groups to facilitate the play that can lead to real breakthroughs in life.



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“Play is not just a pastime, it is a life necessity.”

— Dr. Stuart Brown

Founder of the National Institute for Play