Your Time is the Greatest Gift You Can Give

Our volunteers are the heart of Pure Play Every Day. If you’re looking for a fun volunteer opportunity that brings joy to children and adults alike, you’ve found the perfect place.

Here are some of the volunteer roles that we’re constantly filling:

Events Helper

● Counter
● Photographer
● Surveyer
● Play Advocate
● Safety Supporter
● Set-Up Crew
● Clean-Up Crew

Donations Helper

● Individual Collector (personal donations)
● Site Collector (business site)
● Route Driver to Pick Up Donations

Grant Helper

Support our efforts to procure grants for funding (on-site or virtual)

Workroom Helper

● Donation Sorter
● Play Kit Assembler
● Event Prepper
● Runner (other tasks, as needed)

Office Helper

● IT Supporter
● Writer (general/copywriter)
● Admin Assistant

Fundraising Helper

Support our efforts to create and execeute fundraisers (on-site or virtual)

Volunteer Application

“Play is the highest form of research.”

— Albert Einstein