Play for Kids

Empowering Children to Learn and Grow and Have Fun Doing It

Why Play Matters For Kids

We believe that self-initiated, unstructured, undirected free play empowers children to develop skills that will last them a lifetime …

● Problem-Solving Skills
● Creativity and Imagination
● Social Skills and Emotional Regulation

Ironically, “playing” is not like riding a bike. Educator and author Erika Christakis writes in her book, “The Importance of Being Little”:

“Unfortunately, the feral sort of play works like a muscle that atrophies from disuse, and it’s very hard for young children to turn on a switch and activate the play muscles linked to optimal development if they’ve never used them before.”

We believe a lack of this free-flowing play has contributed to the prevalence of children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder.

The less children play, the more they struggle to adept to the everyday challenges that life inevitably presents.

Yet, the more they play, the more the world opens up for them. The more prepared they are to seize the opportunity and to do it joyfully.

So please … Join us … Let’s play!




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“The world of play is a world of childlike delight, of joy and freedom.”

— Brian Sutton-Smith

Educator & Play Theorist