#repurposingforplay – Cut Logs

Unleashing Creativity from Leftover Logs

A tree gets cut down. It becomes wood for a fire or chopped into mulch. The pieces could be used for so much more.

Have you ever thought of how it could be used for play?

Cut into slices, the “tree cookies” become loose parts to make a game, a path, or a step to higher heights. Logs, depending on their weight, become solid balance beams or movable boundaries.

Logs in a variety of heights can become intricate climbing structures. At lower heights, they can be used as tables or stove tops.

Look at the pictures. Can you see how children are using these logs for play in different ways?

Nature has always been the best toy source

Long before companies designed toys, nature has been supplying loose parts play for centuries. Utilizing natural spaces for play provides a calming atmosphere for us to reconnect. Not only is it calming, nature builds the brain too. Just 45 minutes of nature time will make a difference for body, mind, and emotional health. (See The Nature Fix by Florence Williams). 

Fight the disconnect by taking time to reconnect within yourself and with others in nature. 

Do you have access to leftover logs or tree cookies?

Give children access to these natural materials for play. And, open up another avenue for adventure. 

In this series, we’re striving to inspire the use of everyday things for play. Use the tip sheet here to help start the process. Be sure to come back next week for more. 

Comment below with your answers

  • Did you use natural materials in your play as a child?
  • What creative ways did you use logs and tree cookies?
  • How have you seen your children use natural materials, like logs, for play?

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