#RecycleforPlay – laundry soap containers

Water is necessary to sustain life, and so is play. So, it’s only natural that water should be something extremely attractive to utilize for play. But often water isn’t available where a child is playing, now it can be! Those wonderful containers in which laundry soap is sold can also transport water to wherever a child wants to play! The best ones to use are those with the push button dispenser. 

Once all the soap has been used, it can be cleaned out for a play water dispenser by filling it with hot water. Let the hot water sit in the container for a few hours to allow the soap to dissolve. Then empty the water into your next load of laundry (or just down the sink if you need it sooner). Refill it again with tap water and send it out for play. 

When play is engaged with water, the imagination is ignited with new possibilities. The water can be dumped to create a puddle that can be a place to discover things that float and things that sink. The water can be stirred to cook up a pretend feast. The water can wet a paint brush to draw or write on the sidewalk. Combined with a bit of dish soap and some kitchen utensils, bubbles can be blown and popped to spread the joy of play wherever the wind will take it. 

When playing with water, decisions can be made. Ideas become reality. Cause and effect is observed, demonstrated and becomes understood. These are all important learning opportunities facilitated best during child-centered, engaged play. Recycle for Play handout – laundry soap containers

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